The ebb and flow of the sea. As affecting determination of upland boundary of shore, "tide" is rising and falling of water of the sea that is produced by attraction of sun and moon, uninfluenced by special winds, seasons or other circumstances, and meteorological influences should be distinguished as "meteorological tides," and "atmospheric meteorological tides" should be distinguished. Humble Oil & Refining Co. v. Sun Oil Co., C.A.Tex., 190 F.2d 191, 195.
@ neap tides
Those tides which happen between the full and change of the moon twice in every 24 hours
@ tideland
Land between the lines of the ordinary high and low tides, covered and uncovered successively by the ebb and flow thereof; land covered and uncovered by the ordinary tides; land over which the tide ebbs and flows; land which is daily covered and uncovered by water by the ordinary ebb and flow of normal tides; land usually overflowed by the neap or ordinary tides; such land as is affected by the tide, that lies between ordinary high-water mark and low-water mark, and which is alternately covered and left dry by the ordinary flux and reflux of the tides; that portion of the shore or beach covered and uncovered by the ebb and flow of ordinary tides. White v. State, 18 Cal.App.3d 729, 96 Cal.Rptr. 173, 174
@ tide-water
@ tide water
Water which falls and rises with the ebb and flow of the tide. TheXterm is not usually applied to the open sea, but to coves, bays, rivers, etc
@ tideway
That land between high and low water mark. In re Inwood Hill Park in Borough of Manhattan, City of New York, 217 App.Div. 587, 217 N.Y.S. 359, 363

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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